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How often do you think you’d post?

More Ideas To Help Make Awesome Content

Show us how you use PurestDog in real life!

Rather than simply saying, "this is how I would use the PurestDog CBD products" give us real-world examples.

Below are a few talking points to help you get started with your content!


Your dog has anxiety with meeting new dogs or people, going to the vet, thunderstorms, fireworks or loud noises.


Your dog has difficulty sleeping, is a light sleeper and is easily woken up


CBD products allow your dog to go about day-to-day activities in a more mellow setting. 

Less stress - Just like humans, dogs have stress as well. Think of things that stress your dog(s) out.


If your dog is hyperactive, rowdy, misbehaved, such as them barking a lot, discuss how the tinctures can help owners with combating that.

More Ideas To Help Make Awesome Content

Create a "day-in-the-life" video.

Show us how and where you incorporate PurestDog products throughout your day. For example, you can create a time-lapse video that shows you getting ready with your dog in the morning, and providing them CBD products throughout their day for different activities. Such as taking a trip to the park, going on a walk or even during car rides.

Any other creative ideas that your followers would love?

You know your followers. What would they like to see in your videos? Is there anything else they would like to know about PurestDog products, or how you use it, that you could share?

Make it about you!

Most of all, when you film your videos, we want to see your authentic self. We want to see you as you are in your day-to-day world. Be real. Be you. Have fun with it.

Video Styles That Go Viral

Before & After

Before & After

Benefits of CBD

Benefits of CBD

Car Rides




Explainer Video

Meal Prep


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